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Direct Investments

Business Brokerage & Commercial Real Estate Brokerage:
We help our clients buy, sell, lease and start businesses such as Restaurants, Hotels (and Motels), Auto parts stores, Car Rental Franchises, Auto Dealerships, Gas Stations, Gymnasiums, Skating Rinks (Ice & Inline), Gas Stations (Branded and unbranded), Liquor Stores, Convenience Stores, etc. in Florida.

We also provide business advisory services to our small business clients in the areas of taxation, operational analysis, financial analysis and economic analysis. Our clients typically save $30,000 to $200,000 per transaction when they utilize our advisory services due to our experience in financial analysis and forensic accounting.

Business management for EB-5 visa investors:
We provide business management services to EB-5 visa investor clients, where we manage businesses on behalf of our clients and pay them the first 5% of annual ROE.

This is a much better deal than that offered by regional centers or "partnerships", where investors are lucky to see even 1% annual ROE, and usually experience capital loss instead of capital gains. This service is only available in Florida and California. In plain words, an investor who starts a business with $500,000 equity will get the first $25,000 in annual net profits, and in case the business doesn't earn even $50,000 in annual net profits, we will manage it for FREE!

This is a great deal that is NOT offered by regional centers, partnerships or any of our competitors, and we can offer deals like these simply because we place our clients in solid businesses.

The biggest advantage we offer over regional centers is that we avoid conflict of interest and fraud.

1031 Exchange:
We help our clients expand their business footprint in a tax effective manner by entering into 1031 exchanges to defer gains for tax planning purposes. We use licensed CPA’s to provide audited accounts of the transaction to help you stay in compliance with IRS rules governing 1031 exchanges. We also conduct escrows for our clients in addition to providing them advisory and due diligence services as part of the 1031 exchange. Our track record speaks for itself: No complaints or lawsuits ever and our transactions have never been questioned by IRS for compliance with the law.

We hold funds in escrow for our clients while they start or acquire businesses or acquire properties as part of their operations or 1031 exchanges. We’ve worked hard to establish a solid track record of trustworthiness and have never had a member of our firm accused of any financial irregularities or violation of fiduciary duties. Presently, we offer escrow services to our clients only in Florida. 

Business Immigration Advisory Services:
We help our clients stay in compliance with overseas and US immigration, tax and financial laws while applying for and obtaining immigrant (EB-5) and EB-1C, and non-immigrant (E2) investor visas to own and operate a business in the US. Our services for EB5 investors include business and site selection, business planning, documented legal transfer of funds, start up of the business as well as obtaining loans to expand the business.We use experienced CPA’s and immigration attorneys to file the necessary paperwork, and to ensure that our clients stay in compliance with the law before and after getting their business immigration petition approved.