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We specialize in helping our clients have their cake and eat it too. An EB-5 visa seeker should keep 5 primary goals in mind:

1) Get approval in the quickest manner possible: Direct Investment Businesses have always been the quickest approach to get EB-5 visa, and especially now, it takes about half the time to get I-526 approved for Direct Investment Businesses in comparison to Regional Centers.

2) Ensure that they are able to document the creation of 10 jobs: Regional Centers go for indirect jobs and tenant occupancy, due to which their I-526 petition denial rate is high, while I've personally had over 50 clients approved for Direct Investment Businesses without any hitch whatsoever due to the simple fact that I advise my clients to start / buy businesses that meet and exceed USCIS criteria in a PROFITABLE manner.

3) Get a decent ROI: EB-5 visa seekers who've used my services to buy / start businesses usually get an annual ROE of over 15% if they manage their business, while those who invest in regional centers or partnerships usually struggle to get even 1% annual ROE. One of the major reasons low (or no ROE) is seen in partnerships and regional centers is that the promoters of partnerships and regional centers are usually engaged in fraud and conflict of interest.

4) Get capital gains when you exit: Capital gains are usually unknown to those who invest in partnerships / regional centers / third rate franchises, whereas my clients usually see pretty decent capital gains because I advise my clients to invest in safe businesses that usually end up appreciating over a period of time.

5) Easy exit strategy: Regional Centers and partnerships usually lock in EB-5 visa investors for 5-9 years, and even then charge an arm and a leg to exit the investment, whereas those who invest in their own Direct Investment Businesses can usually exit whenever they want.

EB-5 visa seekers should remember that often, unscrupulous franchise brokers may try to solicit EB-5 visa seekers to invest in a business with a risky business model, in order to earn commissions from the franchiser at the expense of the EB-5 visa seeker.

An easy way to find out if a franchise is a good option or not, is to ask a lender bank if they will finance that franchise. If the lender says no, then the EB-5 visa seeker should avoid the franchise. Another easy way to find out is to ask the franchiser to provide audited financial statements from 10 of the closest franchisees to see what was the annual NOI per store, and in case the stores are making losses or very little profit, the EB-5 visa seekers should avoid the franchise. EB-5 visa seekers should also ask Franchise brokers and promoters to disclose in a notarized affidavit the commissions they will receive from all sources, in order to make an informed decision on whether to invest or not in a particular franchise. Finally, EB-5 visa seekers should seek the help of reputed and experienced Business Advisers who offer a written guarantee of freedom from conflict of interest to their clients, to help EB-5 visa seekers make an informed decision.

There are also several non-franchise options available for businesses such as movie theaters, grocery stores, child care, gun shops, skating rinks, sports facilities, liquor stores, used car dealerships, motorcycle & scooter dealerships, pharmacies, etc.

All business brokers and EB-5 visa advisers are not alike either. The unethical ones promote risky, third rate franchises and / or regional centers to EB-5 visa seekers, while we've helped our clients buy / start only reputable franchises, due to which our clients have never had to face operating losses or capital loss, while those who invest in dubious franchises are usually encounter capital losses and operating losses. Our competitors usually don't offer written guarantees of full disclosure and freedom from conflict of interest, while we do so confidently and proudly. Our competitors don't have over 12 years of Business Brokerage and Advisory experience helping investors buy / start businesses to qualify for the EB-5 visa, while we've helped over 150 clients get their EB-5 visa approvals since 2004.

We offer a full fee refund guarantee in case our client's EB-5 visa petition is denied due to our fault. We also offer a written guarantee of full disclosure and freedom from conflict of interest, and none of our clients has suffered operating losses or capital losses. If you find our competitors willing to offer a similar guarantee, look at them, and if not, do yourself a favor and avoid them.