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We're a Business Brokerage and Commercial Real Estate Brokerage firm focused on helping our clients make money.

We were started as a sole proprietorship Business Brokerage firm by Mohammed Shaikh in California in 2004, and then spread to Florida, Georgia, NY, Massachusetts, Kansas, Alabama, Nebraska and India.

In 2015, we incorporated in Florida under the name Smart Business Broker, Inc. and are presently based in Florida. We expect to reopen our branch in California by October 2016 under the corporate name of Smart Business Broker, Inc., and expect to expand once again into Georgia, New York, Alabama and Massachusetts by 2017.

We help business owners, high net worth individuals and investors obtain EB-5 visas, EB-1C visas (with or without L1A visas) and E2 visas by buying and / or starting businesses in the US, and helping our clients grow in a strategic fashion. Our CEO is Mohammed Shaikh, CFE, Licensed Real Estate Broker in Florida and California.

We offer the following services in California and Florida:

- Business Brokerage and advisory services for domestic small business owners, E2 Visa and EB-5 visa investors who wish to get their permanent resident status in a safe and usually profitable manner.

- Business Brokerage and Commercial Real Estate Brokerage services in acquisition and sale of Land, Motels & Hotels, Restaurants, Gas stations, Car Rental franchises,  Convenience Stores, Fast food franchises, gymnasiums, Family Entertainment Centers, Auto parts stores, skating rinks (ice & inline), homes, Child Care Centers and other businesses.

- 1031 exchange and reverse 1031 exchange of investment real estate such as apartment buildings, shopping centers, malls, etc.

- Escrow services for our small business customers who wish to commit funds to their business only after approval of their visa petitions.

We offer Business Advisory Services, including advice on mergers & acquisitions of small businesses, taxation advice and strategic business planning throughout the US.

We offer turnkey solutions to help international investors migrate to the US under the E2 investor (non-immigrant visa), EB-1C and EB-5 investor (immigrant visa) category. This includes our services in business advisory, business acquisition and planning areas, as well as the services of a licensed CPA to help you stay in compliance with USCIS (audited books of accounts), IRS (corporate and income tax advisory and filing) and SALT (State and Local Taxes such as sales and income taxes), and an experienced immigration attorney to help clients file their petition.

Our combined fees for EB-5 and EB-1C visa investors are usually USD 75,000 and include full Business Advisory, Attorney & CPA support till the date of the grant of permanent residence.

We have a 100% FEE REFUND policy, and we fully refund a client's fees if our EB-5 visa or EB-1C visa client’s business immigration petition is denied due to an oversight or error on our part or due to the negligence of the CPA and / or attorney we use.

We use experienced CPA’s and Attorneys with extensive experience in their fields of practice to help our clients gain approval in the shortest possible time and offer our clients a turnkey solution in order to stay in compliance with USCIS & IRS regulations till our client receives Permanent Resident Status.

Managed EB-5 businesses:

We provide business management services to EB-1C and EB-5 clients who are waiting for issuance of their visas, where we manage businesses on behalf of our clients and pay them the first 5% of annual Return on equity.

This is a much better deal than that offered by regional centers or "partnerships", where investors are lucky to see even 1% annual Return on Equity, and usually experience capital loss instead of capital gains. Our business management services are only available in Florida. In plain words, an investor who starts a business with $500,000 equity will get the first $25,000 in annual net profits, and in case the business doesn't earn even $25,000 in annual net profits, we will manage it for FREE!

This is a great deal that is NOT offered by regional centers, partnerships or any of our competitors, and we can offer deals like these simply because we place our clients in solid businesses.

The biggest advantage our business model has over regional centers is that our clients have a significantly smaller chance of experiencing capital or operating losses and a client won't experience a loss of fees.

We pride ourselves on our competence, diligence and commitment to customer service.