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Who are we and what do we do for our clients?

We offer the following services:

1. We provide business brokerage and commercial real estate brokerage and advisory services to high net worth individuals and business owners.

2. We offer turnkey investment based immigration services for the US (Permanent residence under the L1 + EB-1C and EB-5 visa route for investors), EU (EU Citizenship by Investment Programs from Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Malta), Canada (QIIP and BC), and Turkey (Citizenship by Investment Program). We've the most successful track record in EB-5 visas under the Direct Investment Business category with a 100% approval rate since 2004.

3. We help Indian companies raise funds through the debt and equity route the US and Canada.

We're famous for PAYING our Commercial Real Estate clients money to use our brokerage to buy investment properties, because we rebate 50% of the commission we earn to our clients who use our representation to buy commercial real estate and investment properties such as land, office buildings, hotels, motels, gas stations, shopping centers, rental properties such as Single Family Homes, Condos, Townhomes, etc.

We're also famous for offering the following guarantees to ALL our Business immigration clients:

1) A FULL Fee refund if our client is rejected due to our fault (such as negligence or incompetence on our part) or the fault of the CPA or Attorney we hire to represent them. Obviously our fee refund guarantee doesn't apply if a client is rejected due to reasons such as health or security reasons attributed directly to the client.

2) A written guarantee of FULL disclosure of material facts AND ZERO FRAUD or Conflict of Interest.

Our competitors and regional centers usually REFUSE to offer this guarantee as they often engage in fraud and conflict of interest, while we always put our client's interests first.

Our mission to always place our client's interests first is the reason why we're the safest option for Investment based immigration, be it EB-5 visa, EB-1 and E2 visa investors in the US, or for the EU, Canada, and Turkey.

It is easy to create 10 jobs for EB-5 visa investors, BUT, it is not so easy to profitably create 10 jobs, and the reason our clients love us is because we play safe and still profitably create 10 jobs for our clients, allowing them to safely get approval of their temporary and permanent green card petitions.

We also provide business management services to EB-5 visa and EB-1 visa clients, where we manage businesses on behalf of our clients and only charge a management fee IF we are able to pay 5% dividend to our client out of operating profits.

This is a much better deal than that offered by regional centers or "partnerships", where investors are lucky to see even 1% annual ROE (Return on Equity), and usually experience capital loss instead of capital gains. This service is only available in Florida and California.

In plain words, if we manage a business for our EB-5 visa investor, who starts a business with $500,000 equity, our client will get the first $25,000 in annual net profits, and in case the business doesn't earn even $25,000 in annual net profits, we will manage it for FREE!

This is a great deal that is NOT offered by regional centers or our competitors, as we always put clients first, while they don't.

Since 2004, we've helped over 150 investors obtain EB-5 immigrant investor visas, and also helped over 30 L1 + EB1 visa investors obtain visas by buying and / or starting businesses in the US.

We offer commercial Real Estate Brokerage, business brokerage, business advisory, escrow, 1031 exchange and reverse 1031 exchange services for our clients in Florida. We have the best track record when it comes to helping EB-5 visa investors PROFITABLY get their green cards under the EB-5 visa category, which is why we confidently offer our EB-5 visa investor clients their fees back if their EB-5 visa petition is denied due to any deficiency in our services. Regional Centers and our competitors who peddle risky businesses do not offer this rock solid guarantee.

Since 2004, none of our EB-5 visa clients who managed their own business have earned less than 6% annual Return on Equity, and none of our EB-5 visa clients suffered a capital loss. We wish to advise our prospective clients that results seen by our past clients are not a guarantee that future clients will also see the same results. We are confident that none of our competitors such as regional centers, partnership promoters and third rate franchise promoters can even come close to beating our record.

Since 2004, NONE of our EB-5 visa clients have ever experienced capital loss in the businesses started or purchased with our advice, or had less than 6% annual Return on Equity when they managed their own business.

We deliver results, which is why we're confident enough about our services to offer a fee refund guarantee, while our competitors (such as those who sell risky franchises, regional center securities and partnership securities) don't offer these guarantees, and expect clients to pay for their incompetence and mistakes.

We are a boutique firm focused on providing business and commercial real estate brokerage and advisory services since 2004.

Our CEO, Mohammed Shaikh, is a licensed Real Estate Broker in CA and FL, and is also a Certified Fraud Examiner with an MBA in Accounting.

Mohammed Shaikh was the founder of Sentinel REIT, and has brokered over 300 transactions valued at between $ 200,000 to $38,000,000. He has also successfully helped over 150 investors obtain immigrant visas to the US under the EB-5 investor visa program by helping them buy businesses to qualify under direct investment provisions of EB-5 visas.

Mohammed Shaikh has in the past worked at Citigroup, Dresdner Bank and Bank of America, and also worked as a Vice President in the Investment Banking division at JPMC.

We offer business brokerage and advisory services, real estate brokerage services, equity finance advisory services, 1031 exchange and escrow services to clients in  Florida, and also offer business advisory services to clients throughout the US.

You can reach us at +1 407 413 9156 or email us at info AT smartbusinessbroker.com

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

We've provided outstanding Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, Business advisory, Business brokerage, 1031 exchange and escrow services since 2004. Our specialty is in the area of small and medium sized business brokerage and advisory services. Our regular customers particularly value our strict philosophy of representing only one party in a transaction, and to avoid conflicts of interest at all costs. Our business is located is Orlando, FL.

Please contact us if you wish to have results, instead of excuses, incompetence and losses.